What the *%^@! is Twin Dogs, Co.?

A B O U T 
Established in 2013, Twin Dogs, Co. is an industrial design company that specializes in creating modern, individually crafted and detail-attentive fine objects and furniture. 
Created by multidisciplinary artist and industrial designer Pablo Santiago, each design is imprinted with hours of thought about producing the perfect finish, with the highest quality materials, in order to achieve a truly unique design piece. Twin Dogs, Co. is not fit for the standard seeking, it's for the curious desiring a timeless statement.
An industrial design company sounds big, right? Well, it's not. We're a small team and we love what we do.
Our focus is rather on the "craft, trial and error 'til we nail it".
We don't follow trends, we create timeless companions.
If you are in a hurry, please call somebody else ☺︎.
If you want a handcrafted––attention to detail––beautiful piece, you came to the right place.